Yerba Diet Pills Works As The Studies Show

No Starvation Diets, No Exercise, No Diet Foods


The positive effects of the ingredients in the Yerba Diet formula have been clinically studied and proven to help with weightloss and appetite management. Below are a few of the clinical studies relating to the Yerba Diet ingredients.

Case 1: A study of thermogenic effects of commercially available plant preparations done at the Institute of Physiology at a Switzerland University showed an increase in energy wastage and increased lipolysis as a result of taking Yerba Mate. The study also showed that Yerba Mate resulted in "a significant decrease in RQ indicating an enhancement in the proportion of fat oxidized, a favorable effect for decreasing body fat."
Phytomedicine, Vol. 6(4) pp. 231-238

Case 2: Green tea, by containing high quantities of pharmacologically active compounds can exert a thermogenic and therefore an anti-obesity action. Green Tea showed a reduced gastric and intestinal fat digestion as well as a reduction of lipid emulsification process. Green Tea was shown to be an effective stimulant for tissue thermogenesis. In a study of 10 healthy men, treatment with the green tea extract resulted in a significant increase in 24h energy expenditure and a significant decrease in 24h respiratory quotient. Administration of green tea extract stimulated thermogenesis and fat oxidation and this extract has the potential to influence body weight and body composition via changes in both energy expenditure and substrate utilization.

Case 3: A similar study of 70 patients 20 to 69 years of age, showed a continuing decrease of body weight as well as waist circumference. At the end of the study, mean body weight was decreased by 4.6% and waist circumference by 4.48%. The study concluded that Green Tea significantly increased energy expenditure and lowered body weight.
Phytomedicine 9: 3-8, 2002


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